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Great write up Bob. Stanley certainly kept reinventing the wheel here. As for my bad pic The Stanley rule and Level follows the curve of the iron. The patent date is in two lines centered in the middle of the arc. It doesn’t follow the curve – straight across. It’s nice to now that I now am the proud owner of two pieces of Stanley crappola. Bob, Thanks Now I have more arcane information to put the dinner guests in panic mode once the whisky works its magic. Good write up, worth treats and butt scratches for Rudy.

Towards a Type Study of Stanley 151 Spokeshaves

Dating english stanley planes An Interactive Documentary. May 1 – 48 of points in a stunt plane are cast into bed? R emember that won’t date all features are also, the plane page.

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Stanley planes by numbers. Dating Stanley Bench Planes made in USA R​emember that a one hundred year old plane low knob, SW model or tall knob (​SW stands for Stanley Works but is usually called Sweetheart) and late models for.

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Stanley Planes

This plane was designed and patented by Charles Miller. Miller and his tools for years and has promised to put all that information together sometime soon and enlighten us all! Miller to join the company.

The above link concerns itself with dating Stanley planes but there is much info which I believe they were made: The next version, dating from

With a history as long and storied as that of many manufacturers of American farm equipment, Stanley tools are familiar to farmers across the U. Stanley Tool Co. Stanley Co. Stanley has manufactured just about every hand and power tool ever invented. The company started out making rules in the s and progressed over the years to making a complete line of hand tools. Stanley has made tools for carpenters, mechanics, hobbyists, cabinetmakers, repairmen, homeowners and farmers.

In , Stanley introduced the Defiance tool line. Marked by less expensive, quality tools, the line included all the customary tools, braces, drills, hammers, levels, screwdrivers, squares and planes. By , the line expanded to include awls, bevels, wood and metal chisels, a crowbar, drill bits and bit extensions, files, a hatchet, an ice pick, nail sets, pliers, punches, saw sets, tape measures, tin snips, vises, wrenches, zigzag folding rules and, by , even a wedge vise.

With the onset of the Great Depression, company officials sensed a large market of farmers and homeowners who wanted to do their own work with a cheaper, quality set of tools. That company made planes with the Defiance name and a battle-axe trademark. By , the Defiance name was being used on a line of cheaper planes marketed by Stanley.


For those trained in an English tradition, it is a common, useful tool for gradual beveling of leather, especially around the turnins and caps. While a Scharfix or Brockman type paring machine is useful, you would have to do a lot of sanding if you want a long, gradual bevel found on English fine bindings, and for reducing thickness in the spine area.

It is invaluable for conservation, because one can selectively pare areas to the precise thickness desired. In a pinch you could shape wooden boards with it. Although cobblers have been using specialized shoe shaves and heel shaves since the mid 19th C. Earlier binders either purchased leather of the required thickness, sent it back to a leatherseller to thin it for them, or in the second half of the 19th C.

STANLEY® is a leading global manufacturer of hand tools, power tools and In , Frederick Stanley, started a small shop in New Britain, USA, to manufacture a rich and storied history dating back to , but that hasn’t stopped us from.

Remember Me? What’s New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Stanley made Siegley. Stanley made Siegley Some interesting questions again I got one number 4 size StS Siegley hand plane and starting to looking its origins. What I have got already, it is full blooded Bailey copy. No markings in bed, lever cap or frog. Only StS Siegley in iron. Which is really sweet tapered iron in this one. Stanley made planes at Siegleys name from to , in Connecticut and Canada.

So that raises question, is this one made in US or Canada?

Stanley English Type Study Draft

He was an engineer who designed and made precision drawing and mathematical instruments , as well as surveying instruments and telescopes, manufactured by his company “William Ford Stanley and Co. Stanley designed and built his two homes. Besides these activities, he was a painter, musician and photographer, as well as an author of a variety of publications, including plays, books for children, and political treatises.

A stanley no 50 light combination planes made by stanley bailey smoothing and j​. Here a couple of different blades, british museum, and boxed clamping.

The Stanley No. This is one of many block planes Stanley seemed to produce in this period. Unlike many of its contemporaries, such as the No. In fact, aside from the adjustable mouth, it is a carbon copy of the No. Construction of the plane did not vary much over its lifespan, with the major difference being the change in colour from japanned black to painted, dark blue to red.

Many tool companies sold their planes, and other tools in boxes. Not like the boxes that tools are packaged in nowadays. The most interesting features are the ID labels at the ends of the boxes. Often colour-coded based on the type of tool, or the manufacturer. The boxes were formed by folding the pasteboard and covering with a layer of paper. The boxes were often orange, as in the case of Stanley, or red for Millers Falls.

Stanley introduced the orange boxes around , with dark green labels with white text.

From the Stanley Model Shop – Charles Miller’s Tonguing and Grooving Planes

Before we get back to the some more interesting planes from the Stanley Model Shop I thought you might want to know a bit more about the Model Shop. The model shop made prototypes, tested them, and refined them. They also looked at the products made by competitors. It is probable office and factory workers have been taking things home with and without approval for more than years!

A major effort in this regard occurred in when Stanley vacated several five-story buildings located on four corners in downtown New Britain and moved into a downsized modern two-story factory on the west side of town.

The Bailey line of planes manufactured by Stanley. with the typical black paint, but the very last ones to leave New Britain are instead japanned blue.

Click on a Type Type 1. Planes made in Boston, MA from Rosewood knob is shaped like a hot air balloon, and has a distinct bead turned into its base. The nut has a right-hand thread. The back of the lever cap is solid and has a banjo-shaped spring. The frog has a rounded back the top of it where it faces the tote. It is held into place by screws with round heads.

The bottom casting’s receiver for the frog is shaped like the letter “I”. The size of the plane stock , e. This isn’t listed in the book I reference, but every example of these early planes I’ve examined has it. Click here to go the Plane Feature Timeline for this type.

Stanley Australia Tools

Could someone please help me out? Most sites that I have seen only deal with planes made in seppo land USA. Thanks :confused:.

English made Stanley planes seem to be less desirable then the US made ones. Why is that? Are they inferior? Let’s find out: My new Made in.

The Stanley company itself originated from the consolidation of the rule business of A. This stood until the company was purchased in by Stanley Works. Finally, in the company reorganized simply as Stanley Tool. Leonard Bailey was a designer and plane maker who patented several designs for hand planes in the mid s. While their relationship with Mr.

Bailey only lasted until , Stanley retained those patent rights and eventually the use of the Bailey name. Bailey returned to plane making on his own and introduced his Defiance and Victor lines.

What Hand Plane Should I chose for Woodworking Use Stanley Bailey Handplane Numbers